Photo taken by: Charles Volkens

My names Danielle Torres, I'm the founder, editor and creative director for LOUDETAILS.
Born and raised in San Fernando Valley in the city of Los AngelesLoudetails describes a girl who is always on the go, always up to something - someone who looks more into the finer details in life. As a creative person I'm constantly wanting to create and express my art. 

Growing up, fashion has always been apart of my life ever since I saw how much of a fashionista my mother was/is, always looking so elegant in her nonstop vintage wardrobe and gorgeous up-do's. Ever since I can remember I knew fashion would be my calling as a teenager, and I always wanted to pursue some type of career in that field. Till this day I've embarked on many projects from past to present - fashion retail, social media marketing, jewelry designing my own jewelry brand to now making my way into fashion blogging. I created this blog as a creative gateway to show my inner and outer details that inspire me and make me live.

xo, Danielle.

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