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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

That's right! I'm back at it again with a new collection inspired by music festival season coming up. It's been a week so far since I've launched my website and already I can't believe the response I've received from so many of you who are following me. AND need I also say, today I just sold out of the Thunderbolt Necklace...But, don't worry I plan on restocking more of them beginning of April!

This collection will have a lot of Spring/Summer inspirations as well. Lots of charms will be in the mix just like the ones you see here. Next will be moons, compasses, stones, shapes and more! These jewelry pieces will also be dainty, something totally knew, but I'm loving these pieces so far, and I'll be using Gold and Silver a lot. As of right now I bring to you guys the Thunderbolt, Cactus and Palm Tree necklaces. Stay tuned for more coming up soon!

These are all (except for the Thunderbolt necklace) available on my website at www.shoploudetails.com

Stay Loud, xo.

The Details:

Thunderbolt Necklace: (Sold Out)
Cactus Necklace: (Click Here)
Palm Tree Necklace: (Click Here)

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