Distressed But Not Stressed

Monday, May 22, 2017

Ahh, the smell of a fresh week. Mondays can always be a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because it's the end of a weekend, and sweet because it's a new week for new goals!

With this peculiar weather that we've been having all last week, it has been a bit challenging on knowing and not knowing what to wear because on one day you'll notice that it's gloomy out for a few days to the point where it could rain at any moment, and then the following days after that are at a whopping 100 degrees. Very strange!
So I've just been winging it really! Being that I work a full-time job it's hard for me to get in some ootd photo's from time to time, but I haven't forgotten about this one!

I came across this distressed overall dress from Forever 21 that I thought was so sick. I haven't really seen a design quite like this, especially coming from F21. Lately, and I believe I'll be doing this more often -- unless I've been distracted...I've been more and more into 'detailed' clothing (cliche' I know), but for a moment I lost the thought that this is what my style is all about! I love wearing pieces that you don't see everyday and that are eye catching. Not that I'm looking for the attention from anyone, but there's just something about standing out from everything else that's in the world right now. This is why this dress I had to have. Unfortunately, this specific item isn't for sale on Forever 21's site anymore which totally sucks! Although, I did add a link to something similar! I'll keep on the hunt if I happen to find it and I'll make sure to update the link below.

On this day the weather was speaking my language and I felt it was the best opportunity to finally rock this little number, and to make it a little more extra I paired it with a basic white tee and mesh top underneath. And, I also went with some platform shoes to kick it up a notch even more. This look has rebel written all over it with a touch of sweet!

So, now that we've all survived the week and are upon a new one, this week will be dedicated to being stress-free! Sometimes with all of us putting in so much time into our 40+ hour jobs, we tend to forget to live a little. I know that has been the case for me lately, working non-stop and literally feeling like shit is hitting the fan with my health, I've been MIA a lot in these past couple of days, if not weeks. Currently I'm trying to figure out a better game plan where I can work my job, but also focus on my blog as much as I can. You know how that goes, though, it's definitely not easy! So, instead of me stressing out about not being creative enough and not putting as much content out as I wish I could-- at the end of the day I always have to remember that even though, I'm not on here 24/7, I always think about what's going to be my next post!

I'm so thankful to be where I am now, I've developed so much through these past couple years that I finally feel like I know where I am with myself, the transition in my wardrobe has also made it apparent for me and I couldn't be more excited about the future of Loudetails. I still have a ton of new looks to show you guys and I'll have them up slowly but surely!
BUT, another thing I always tell myself is that I'm here to do the best that I can do in this profession of mine. I'm doing this for absolute fun and art, and I'm not here to prove myself to anyone else.

Distressed but not stressed!

Stay Loud, xo.

Photo taken by Charles Volkens (Instagram: @cvolkens)

The Details:

Dress Forever 21 (shop similar here)
Top Zara
Mesh Top Necessary Clothing (shop similar here)
Shoes Zara (shop similar here)
Bag Mango (shop similar here)

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