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Saturday, April 8, 2017

'Tis the season to kick things into high gear...style-wise that is!

Lately, I've been on a new style adventure. As I've recently mentioned on my IG, growing up I was always
the type of kid to keep things interesting when it came to my closet, I was never fond of the idea of dressing one way for long periods of time, I remember going through a lot of phases when I was in middle/high school. I would always think to myself, what can I come up with next? What new style would go with me? Also, as we're growing up during those important teenage years, we all go through those times when we're trying to figure out who we are as individuals and what looks cool. Keeping those thoughts in mind, every couple of months/years I would go from dressing like a tomboy to hip pop to even punk. And even with my hair, I believe I've done it all at this point. You can say that's where my creative side would mostly come out to play or perhaps it's just the artist in me that's always wanting to be unconventional. Even till this day.

This time around I'm on my next quest to try something new and more modernized. I've been obsessed with a look that I like to call "Dirty-Clean". I plan on incorporating a more grungier look to my style, but with a touch of elegance. Lately, I've been all about dressing rock and roll! More often you'll see me wearing a lot more distress, mesh, band tees, and darker colored garments, etc. I'm sure it might have to be due to the fact that my boyfriends in a rock and roll band and I've development a lot more style inspiration from that. So, here is one my first looks that I put together and love how it turned out. On this day my boyfriend and I decided to take a drive out to Old Town Pasadena to spend the day. Since this was during a weekend I wanted to definitely be more on the casual/comfortable side.

I came across this sick Obey tee from a store that's at my local mall called Boarders, the skirt came from Zara, and shoes are from Zooshoo.

Stay Loud, xo.

(outfit details below)

The Details:

Top Obey Womens (Boarders)
Skirt Zara (shop here)
Jacket Nastygal (similar here)
Belt Zara
Bag Coach (shop here)
Shoes Zooshoo (shop here)

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