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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! This blog post marks my first official post of the year - very exciting!
For the past 3 days I've been dealing with a terrible head-flu that I came down with, I thought I was going to get away with getting bite by the sick bug last year but with all of this bipolar weather that we've been having lately, I knew it was only a matter of time. It also hasn't helped with me being more MIA on social media (which I apologize!). Today felt different! I'm finally regaining my strength back and decided to get my ass up outta bed and get some shooting done! It definitely feels good to create some new content and share with you guys some new goodies that I've added to my Winter wardrobe.

Being that we're in the new year and all - I've come to a new conclusion that I would like to start working on developing a new look for myself. As of lately I've been really into adding certain men's pieces into my wardrobe. Recently, I finally had the chance to do some Spring cleaning and revamp my entire closet. I noticed that I had a ton of clothes that I've been over and done with for a while now, and I felt like they were getting in the way of the things that I actually do wear day-to-day and love. So, I grabbed a couple bags and started tossing out everything that was so 2016 and after all that my closet felt much more rejuvenated and fresh! I also decided to bring my boyfriend along for the ride, as he also cleared out his side of the closet since we both desperately needed it! 

And so, I end up coming across one of his cardigan sweaters that I believe he's only worn once, and as he was close to throwing it out I figured, you know what? Lemme have it! I'll make some use out of it! And wouldn't you know, this sweater can easily pass for a unisex garment. And, that's what captured me the most about it. This is just the start, though, I plan on searching for more unique pieces like this where I can incorporate into my wardrobe while still looking stylish. 

This look was simple to put together for the days when I'm just casually out and about. I must admit, today I spent the entire day super comfortable as I was driving around town with my boyfriend enjoying my day off. This sweater is from H&M and I paired it with a turtleneck from Zara to give me some extra warmth, and I also added on some accessories like this Adidas beanie from Urban Outfitters and a basic cross-body bag that I'm currently obsessed with from Coach. Since we were below 60's today and being that I'm still not 100% from this sickness, I definitely wanted to stay bundled up and most of all, COMFORTABLE.

Stay Loud, xo.

Photos taken by Charlie Volkens (Instagram: @theknitts)

The Details:

Sweater H&M
Turtleneck / Bottoms Zara
Beanie (Adidas) Urban Outfitters (shop HERE)
Bag Coach (shop HERE)
Belt Gap
Shoes (Puma) Nastygal


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