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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lately, I've been changing things up a little when it comes to my style.
More and more I've been drawn to minimalism and basics, and it's funny because ever since I can remember to this day still (sometimes), I've always been more of a colorful type when it comes to my wardrobe. Although, as we grow up things always change, we all go through our own phases of styles that we enjoy expressing at the time. But, with so many style influences surroundings us on the daily I find it to be a great source to discover a new sense of style and ultimately figure out what you would like your aesthetic to be and what stands you out as an individual. For me, I feel like I'm still trying to figure it out, I've never really been the type to put a label on my style (hense is why I went through countless of different looks being a teenager to a young adult) and I don't regret at all!

So, this time around I wanted to go towards a minimal outlet, there's just something about how basic dressing minimal can look for me, but can also bring so much class and elegance! I happened to randomly come across this t-shirt dress while I was working at Nasty Gal one day (which happened to end up being an online return from a customer), and I quickly swooped on it and purchased it! haha! As you all know I'm a sucker for loose garments, especially basic tees, and being that this offered me the best of both worlds, t-shirt/dress - I just couldn't resist. It's seriously the most comfortable piece I own and I love that I can dress it any way I feel during the moment.

With that I went into an awesome collaboration with an independent brand called Bblackboxluxe! Ironically this clothing brand also happened to have a minimal aesthetic and thought it would be great to collaborate with them so I can incorporate more of this look into my wardrobe. What I love about them is that their products are all organic and well-made. I went with the white canvas backpack that you see in my photos, and I also received a small black pouch bag. I really like this backpack so far, it's very roomy, you can literally fit almost everything in it. It's lightweight, and best of all it's stylish! Basic yet stylish! I definitely plan on using this for when I go out of town, use it for business or simply running errands for the day.
Thank you, Bblackboxluxe for these amazing gifts! I look forward to incorporating these pieces more into my Fall/Winter wardrobe. :-)

Stay Loud, xo.

(Outfit details below)

The Details:

T-shirt Dress (shop here) / Cap / Shoes (shop hereNasty Gal
Backpack (shop hereBblackboxluxe

To shop more items from Bblackboxluxe visit their website at: Bblackboxluxe.com


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