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Monday, June 27, 2016

Recently, I decided to embark on a new project for my brand Loudetails, I'm so excited to talk to you guys about this today!

Let me start off by saying that I know a lot of you didn't know that jewelry designing has been one of my hobbies for a couple years now. I started way back in 2011 when my mom and I decided to move to Texas and try something completely new. After living in sunny Cal all our lives basically we were urging for a change of scenery, so, that we did! I was living in Houston, Texas for 2 years and as I was out there was when I wanted to teach myself a new trait and start creating jewelry. So, with that idea marinating in my mind, I went to the nearest craft store around me, bought my first starter kit and material to practice on. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was so intrigued with the idea that I just wanted to learn how to make a simple necklace by just teaching myself. And so, it went on for about a month where I was making pieces like, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. And, crazy enough (at least for me) I was getting better and better at it! Eventually, I felt the courage enough to begin selling my pieces to the public and developed a decent clientele for the last remaining months that I was in Texas, it was great while it lasted! 2 years pass and my mom and I were over Texas especially for me since I can't handle humid weather and bugs at the same time, and we packed our bags once again and come back home to California. Once we were back in our hometown I never lost the feeling to continue creating jewelry and making something great out of it someday. It's been about 3 years since I've taken it seriously and my friends would always ask me when I was going to get back into my jewelry and my only excuse would be "I know, someday I will...", "One of these days." blah blah blah. But, even though I never pursued it as much as I wish I did or wanted to, it was still always in the back of my head.

3 years later, now I'm so excited to introduce to you guys this new project of mine - Jewelry by Loudetails! I officially launched my website last week on Tuesday and I'm already blown away by the response that I've received so far. I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support from my family, friends, and beautiful strangers.

For this new jewelry line I wanted to keep the same concept as my blog. I'm all about the details when it comes to my style. I decided to create a small collection of chokers - lately, I've been so obsessed with them that literally they're all I ever wear! So, with the love that I have for them I figured why not make my own chokers and bring my own touch of Loud to them! Below I have added photos of my new designs and I couldn't be more obsessed with them. I made sure that each piece gives my customers an option to dress them up or down no matter where you're going to. All of the materials that I use are of good quality and well taken care of. Another thing I wanted to add was affordable pricing! Who doesn't love a steal-deal when it comes to jewelry? I know I do! Nowadays, chokers can be so expensive to where you want them so bad, but unfortunately can't afford to cough up $90 on the spot for it. My price point is $30 and down, and of genuine quality! I work with a lot of leather, chains, bead, etc! I'm working hard to constantly have my creative juices flowing and bring beautiful designs to women from all walks of life.

Please feel free to check my work out and let me know what you think! My link is down below! 
I can't wait to see where this new venture takes me to. Follow me along this journey to see what's to come!

Stay Loud, xo.

Venus Choker (shop here)

Venus II Choker (shop here)

Roxanne Choker (shop here)

Ivory Choker (shop here)

Bowtie Choker (shop here)

Angelina Choker (shop here)

Daisy Choker (coming soon!)


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  1. Those choker are so beautiful, congrats on your new shop <3

    xoxo, Best Bags For Women 2016