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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recently I took a trip down to Long Beach, CA. I've really only been out there twice probably, but when
I was out there it was only because my boyfriends band played shows there to ring in the new year 2 years in a row, also keep in mind this would be at night so there was no way I would be able to really see what this place had to offer! So, going out there (this time in the daytime) was something that I couldn't believe I stalled so long to experience. If any of you guys have been out there you'll be able to relate with me on how beautiful this city is! It's crazy to know how much there is to do and see, from the harbor that goes on for miles to walk, shopping centers, movie theaters, to even small urban area's that come with new/vintage clothing boutiques to cute little coffee shops. You'll seriously fall in love with this place just on your first visit. I know I did!
Since I had the day off and wasn't in the mood to get too dressed up, I decided to go with a super casual look and try something new for a change by mixing this denim jacket from American Eagle and distressed denims from Zara for my #ootd. I probably should've worn different shoes because by the end of the day I was dead tired from all of the walking and sight seeing I did. Luckily, these boots that I got via Nasty Gal were comfortable enough for me to survive a few hours of walking or should I say struttin'?!


As I said above about there being clothing boutiques, I came across this one in particular called Make Collectives. This hidden gem quickly caught my eye when I saw that they had outdoor racks of items that were on sale (YAS!), and the style of almost all their pieces were right up my alley with how I would normally dress, when you step inside you come into a pleasant surprise of the store being divided into 3 sections. Music on the left (vinyls. CD's, posters, etc) Mens clothing in the middle, and Women's clothing to the right! What I loved about this store is that you don't just come here for 1 thing, MC has a lot of things that you can look at and purchase for any occasion. So, if I'm not shopping for myself I can always get something for my boyfriend or even buy some new tunes. Oh, and did I mention they sell vintage? You'll find some of the cutest vintage Chanel bags here, too! I definitely recommend anyone to check this place out when visiting Long Beach.

Make Collectives
430 E 1st St, Long Beach, CA 90802

Stay Loud, xo.

The Details:

Top / Necklace / Shoes Nasty Gal
Jacket American Eagle
Pants / Bag Zara

Photo taken by: Charles Volkens
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  1. I love the jacket from American Eagle. By the way, you look gorgeous.

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