Roadtrip to: Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Monday, February 8, 2016

This past weekend my boyfriend decided to take me away to Joshua Tree National Park as a birthday gift, my birthday was on Wednesday, but we decided to wait until the weekend to really get to celebrate.
I was beyond ecstatic to finally get out of town and discover a new part of California. Luckily, we both have never been here before so it was even more exciting to experience this together. we left early Saturday morning and drove 3 hours to get to our destination. The weather was something that we were up and down about, the last time we visited Palm Springs since it's literally 30 minutes away from Joshua Tree, the weather was... not to sound so brutal, but it was awful! Too hot and too humid. Not really my kind of weather, so as we were on our way over there I was praying that it wouldn't be the same scenario all over again - although, we're technically still in Winter so this was actually the best time to go! The sun was just that right amount of warmth and just a bit windy and it didn't really interrupt our time being there. It was perfect!
Out of the many things that fascinated me about Joshua Tree was that for $20 at the entrance you have complete access to this ginormous land of up to 12 separate parks where you can hike, climb and even camp out with family or friends. I found that to be so cool! This is a place I would definitely consider camping out with friends perhaps in the summertime this year. Below I titled some of the trails that we visited, I would've loved to have shown you guys all of the photos I captured, but it probably wouldn't fit it this post! Haha! My favorite trail thus far would have to be Cholla Cactus Garden, let me tell you, once you step foot into this garden it is probably the most beautiful sight you've ever seen! I was blown away by the beauty and the colors that came with it, it looked like something out of a National Geographic magazine.
After we were done we thought Cholla was the last thing this place had to offer, but little to our surprise we had a ridiculous view ahead of us far far into the distance of desert on top of desert with mountains and plants surrounding it, there was only 1 thing that my boyfriend and I had to do before we began the drive, and that was to play Freebird by Lynyrd Synyrd while the sun is shining on our faces, windows all the way down, wind blowing in our hair's and the music playing on full blast! It was truly a magical moment and the cherry on top of our day. I can't wait to come back to this place.

Stay Loud, xo.

Twentynine Palms Trail

Skull Rock Trail

Cholla Cactus Garden Trail

The Details:

Joshua Tree National Park
74485 National Park Dr.
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Photo taken by: Charlie Volkens and I


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