Roadtrip to: Angeles Crest National Forest, CA

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This past weekend my family and I decided to make a day trip to a place called Angeles Crest National Forest.

I've never heard or been to this place in my life. So, the 4 of us (my boyfriend and in-laws) hopped into our car and road tripped it there, which I thought was going to be a lot farther, but it was actually only a 30-40 minute drive. As we're on our way there I have a strong anticipation within me because my in-laws were telling me before that there's a possibility there could be snow up there, and for me I freaked because in my 25  years of living I have never had the chance to see let alone touch actual snow; so you can only imagine the little girl inside me screaming of excitement (but, of course I had to keep it cool). So really, that was the only thing on my mind! The drive there was really nice, you're basically just driving up a highway with gorgeous views of nature and icy mountains in the far distance. Before we got to our destination we made a pit stop where anyone could park to take a break from driving and also benefit to take in a stunning view! Life was perfect at this moment. As we continued on our journey the closer we get I see bits and pieces of snow pulled up on the sides of the roads, from a distance you can see trees and trees that are covered in snow and I'm over here freaking out from disbelief, hahaha! Finally! We end up reaching our final destination at a forest by the name of Valyermo in Angeles Crest. We get out of the car and begin to explore! This place was so pretty, a lot to walk around in and discover and the deeper we went in, there it was! A sea of crystal white snow. So, you know the first thing I had to do was to have a snowball fight. It wasn't too dramatic, but all fun and games! Even just to hear the sound of snow crunching from the bottom of your shoes is a sound that's so pleasing and inspiring at the same time. I was loving every minute of it! :-)
As we continued to enjoy our time there I began to think, it's so crazy how because of certain circumstances that people/families go through we sometimes forget to pay attention to the better things in life. This isn't a pity party on my behave, but I didn't really have a functioning family growing up, my parents divorced when I was 16 and even before that time we didn't focus as much on doing "family things" because my mother was basically a single mom of 2 working her ass off to make sure that my older brother and I had everything we needed and were healthy. Because of that my mother unfortunately couldn't do it all, which is completely understandable. She will always be my superwoman whom I have the utmost respect for for giving an arm and a leg to give us the best life that she could.
With that being said, when it comes to moments like these where I can experience something that I never have is a feeling that is indescribable and it gives me a sense of appreciation for how beautiful the world can be. Although, this was only a day trip, I definitely plan on stepping more outside of my comfort zone and exploring more of what's out there and documenting every part of it. <3

Stay Loud, xo.


  1. These pics are so gorgeous! I love the blues of the mountains!

  2. Your photos are amazing

  3. Oh, these photos are so so beautiful, you look so gorgeous! I'msure you had an amazing time:)

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    Tamara xxx

  4. Beautiful photos, such an amazing scenery!

    Jules x