New Years Eve @ The Koufax Bar

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! It's my first post of 2016 and I'm so excited about it! I hope you all had an amazing one! I thought I would share with you guys how mine went. Normally, for every new year I've been use to my boyfriend playing a show with his band called The Knitts in Long Beach, CA. This year we decided to do something different and party at a local bar that my friend, Moi owns right inside of his own home called The Koufax; located in the San Fernando Valley. A bunch of us showed up and drank the night away because how else do you celebrate the coming of a new year?! It was a blast!

For the past few weeks I've been pondering on what should be my new years resolutions for 2016. So, as I was thinking, I want/plan on capturing more memorable moments this year. I feel like so much flies by in my life sometimes that I always miss the opportunity and I either forget or just do it at all! This year I'm changing things up, and being that my boyfriend bought me a new Nikon camera for Christmas it gives me more of a motivation to document as much of my life as I can and share it with you guys!

Second resolution I plan on working harder for this blog. Loudetails has a very special place in my heart and I can admit that I neglected it a little too much last year. I would like to focus on posting a lot more style posts, collaborations, shopping, and now featuring my new category "Memory Box" where I will be posting more of my adventures for 2016.

Third resolution is to lose 10 pounds! Last year I dedicated so much of my appetite to fatty delicious foods (I don't regret it whatsoever!). But, with all of the In N Out I stuffed my face with, I can tell my body needs some work done! I know it won't be easy! But, I look forward to getting in better shape and eating better!

So many thoughts go through my mind on how to make this a year bigger and better! I appreciate everyone who has been following me along this fashion journey of mine, and I hope that my work has made an impact onto my fans in a positive/inspiring way. I have so much fun doing what I do and making sure that it's perfect so you guys can relate to me as much as possible and enjoy every minute of it! This year really means a lot to me and I plan on giving it my all! It's about damn time! I appreciate you all so much and I can't wait to see how 2016 unfolds and where it leads me.

Wish me luck!

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Stay Loud, xo.

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