Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Before I begin this post, I hope everyone had an unforgettable Christmas/holiday this past week and enjoyed it with their friends and loved ones!
With all of this beautiful weather that we've been having in Los Angeles lately, I've been working on buying new clothes that can compliment winter in Cali.
As I said in my last style post, I'm all about wearing loose garments. I love the sense of freedom and comfort it gives me! So, I recently walked into Forever 21 (when you're on a short budget after buying Christmas gifts - a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!) So, as I'm walking around the store I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for until I came across this top and was instantly drawn to it.
For me, I've been getting a lot more into basics, it's a little different from what I'm use to, I usually go more towards the louder designs of clothing which I totally will forever love, but with a new year coming before us, I plan on adding a lot more basic garments to my wardrobe next year.
This top is so simple yet chic, I love that I can just pair it with a pair of pants, throw on my leather jacket/boots and walk out the door still looking effortlessly stylish! I'm starting to love looks like this more and more! With that, I paired it with this authentic leather jacket from Zara that my wonderful boyfriend got me for Christmas which is a piece I'm so excited to add to my closet since I've been wanting a legitimate leather jacket for sometime now. I was also given this tote bag from Zara as well. I wanted to pair it with this look because the look itself is already so chic as it is that, why not add another loud element to the outfit to make the whole ensemble standout!
You can go from business to casual-chic in seconds! And if you're that girl who works a 9-5 work shift and also doesn't mind a yummy cocktail after work, this look plays out perfectly!

The Details:

Top/Leggings Forever 21
Necklace/Shades Nastygal
Earrings Rocksbox
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your first month subscription at Rocksbox.com for free!)
Jacket/Bag Zara
Shoes H&M

Stay Loud, xo.

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