Sunday, December 6, 2015

With a week of Black Friday and sales being over, I'm not really the type of person to go crazy during Black Friday and join everyone on the chaos that goes down at the malls/stores. I also happened to work that entire weekend, so, I wouldn't have made it even if I tried. I was more looking forward to going after the storm and seeing what I could get my hands on! And yes, indeed I was certainly able to! For a while I've been contemplating on wanting a new pair of shades - you know when you find something that you're completely obsessed with and can't help but to wear it over and over! Well, I'm one of those girls! I had a pair before these that I would wear non-stop and eventually fell apart on me. So, being that I work at Nasty Gal we have quite a selection of shades for anyone's taste, and with Black Friday happening I took advantage and found these babies for 30% off. Score! I also made a pit stop at a local Zara store and saw that they were still having a mini sale so as I was browsing through their racks, I came across this top that has an appealing 70's print to it, it made me want to channel my inner Penny Lane, haha! I really like this top because the material is so soft, it has a nice flow to it and it's super comfortable! And I'm all about being comfortable! I got this on sale for only $22! With that, I bought another top as well that I'll be showing you guys soon. This is an outfit I feel I could wear at anytime of the day. It's casual, but also stands out in its own way!

The Details:
Top Zara (buy it here)
Pants Zara
Choker Nasty Gal (similar here & here)
Shades Nasty Gal (30% off here)
Shoes Zara

Stay Loud, xo.

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