Monday, December 14, 2015

There's no better feeling than when you get a fresh new hair dye - I know you ladies can relate! After waiting for far too long, I finally had a chance to get my hair done yesterday, and I'm very content with how the results came out!

I have to say I'm pretty fortunate because my mother has been a hairstylist for a little over 20 years and she has been my hair guru ever since I was young. It's nice to not have to worry about finding someone new who can potentially either make or break your hair and for me personally that's a terrifying thought! Luckily, I trust my mother's craft well enough for her to take care of my hair without a care in the world. So, I decided to go blonder!

There's one thing that I haven't expressed to you guys, but throughout my lifetime I've gone through countless of phases with my hair, it's been quite the trooper to have come this far, haha! But, I've gone through literally almost everything, from black, to fire red to even platinum! And, with cuts I've had a pixie with a shaved side of my head, short, to now that I'm finally trying to grow it out. Although, for me I'm the kind of person that can get easily bored with my hair and should have a drastic change when the urge comes up. I didn't go too crazy this time, but since I desperately needed a trim I had to accept the idea of having to go a little shorter, which really isn't bad at all, it actually feels rejuvenating! I wanted to start with something totally new for the holidays/New Year and now I can say I'm picture ready!

The Details:

Top Zara
Leggings/Necklace Forever 21
Shoes Urban Outfitters

Stay Loud, xo.

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