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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello Hello! Before I get started on this post, I know it's been for forever since I last posted on here and for that I do apologize for leaving you guys hanging, but I've been quite busy on my end and haven't really had the chance to post anything new lately. For the past 3 months I've been interning for LA Fashion Week as a social media representative and it has taken up so much of my time that it's hard for me to get a post in unless it's a quick ootd post on Instagram. Not to worry, though! My supporters have not been forgotten. . . So, I thought I'd take the advantage of my day off today and show you guys some of the new pieces I've added to my wardrobe recently. So, let's begin!

With Summer being here in full throttle it can be a bit difficult for me to find a good/casual summer outfit without feeling like I'm suffocating in my own clothes - being that I'm more of a Fall/Winter girl, I'm more trained to have my outfits down during those season than Spring/Summer. But, I coupe with it as best as I can. :-) Anywho, I can be a huge sucker for loose and flow-y garments such as a tunic, I've only own a few during my life time, but I can never come across a t-shirt tunic for some reason (I know, where have I been?..) This piece is really the last thing I ever look for when I'm out and about shopping, but I can also never complain if I happen to stumble upon one because for sure it's in my basket to purchase. Recently, I decided to walk into an H&M store (looking for nothing in particular), as I'm looking around I happen to find this grey t-shirt tunic, aside from grey they also had it in black, white, and blue w/ white stripes. I felt like I scored and had to literally buy one in every color! Ever since then, this piece has been the best thing I could buy all Summer! It's super easy and can be matched with pretty much anything you want. And I won't forget to mention how COMFORTABLE this is! Seriously. What I like most about these is the simplicity of it, Summer wardrobe is all about simplicity - nobody wants to over-do-it nowadays by adding too much to a look, instead I can decide to wear it either with or without shorts underneath - here, I wore shorts from Marshalls that come with a lace rim detail at the bottom and I liked how it gave the look something extra as opposed to just a simple tunic. With that being said, I finished this look off with a strap-y heel sandal that I've been eyeballing at Zara for quite sometime and luckily I got them on sale for only $50! I can't complain at all.

Happy Summer!

The Details:

Tunic H&M
Shorts Marshalls
Earrings Maven Boutique
Necklace Crossroads Trading Co.
Shoes Zara

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