House of Harlow 1960 Pop-Up

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Details:

Week of July 8 - 15th
Location: 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

Working with LA Fashion Week for almost 3 months now has been the greatest months in a while for me. As I've been doing the social media for them, I've been having so much fun exploring the pop-up scene around the Los Angeles area and meeting some interesting people along the way.
This month Nicole Richie hosted a pop-up shop event for her clothing line 'House of Harlow 1960' at The Grove in Los Angeles, from when it opened on the 8-10th, she was there personally to meet and greet with fans, host private events and also promote season 2 of her show "Candidly Nicole" airing tomorrow on VH1. Unfortunately my coworker and I were unable to attend the events, but luckily, the pop-up shop stayed open for an extra week for anyone to check out, so we went before it was gone and let me know tell you, it's as if Nicole Richie was speaking to me through her collection. I literally fell in love with every piece I saw, from the clothes, the jewelry to even the furniture that was also on sale for purchasing. It was beautiful! If only Nichole herself would've been there, that would've been the cherry on top of it all.
House of Harlow (if you don't know) is a bohemian-free spirited style collection that is definitely worth looking into, what I love also is that the prices are pretty reasonable and not as expensive as you would think! You're for sure paying for what you get! The store is no longer at The Grove, sadly. but, is always at your convenience to get your boho vibes kicking!

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