Thank You, DVF!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

As you guys can recall, a couple weeks ago I had an in person interview with DVF to be a contestant on her show 'House of DVF' for season 2. I unfortunately I was not chosen to be on the show, but finding this pleasant surprise in the mail, for me, completely makes up for the whole thing. I've actually been wanting to buy this book and was planning on purchasing it soon! However, I'm so glad I haven't had the chance because not only did I receive a copy of her book; when you open it, it's autographed with my personal name and signed by the fashion queen herself! I meeean, do I really need anything more??
I'm so excited to start reading this and honestly it made me appreciate Diane so much more for doing such a sweet gesture like this. Because like I said on my Instagram post, it's nice to know that she can keep her fans in mind and show appreciation for not necessarily the "losers", but for the many other girls, and myself, who took time out of their lives to represent themselves on what drives them and give it everything they got with a passion. 
That right there is inspiring enough.
I ain't mad at all! If anything, I'm grateful and even more motivated to continue pressing forward with this journey of mine, and if God permits, to become as successful in fashion as DIane Von Furstenberg herself. <3

::(Add praying emoji here)::

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