LA Council Fashion Week '15

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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So excited to share this with you guys on my blog today, yesterday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever fashion show event at the Los Angeles Council Fashion Week '15 featuring some of the most amazing established and coming fashion designers to display their Fall/Winter '15 collections - I was very impressed with the work I saw on the runway this year. From Michael Ngo, Sauri, Stella Proseyn to Mila Hermanovski < who actually won a season on Project Runway (very exciting!). I've never heard of any of these designers before, but as I was getting the chance to see their work walk across the runway, it made me respect and gain a new fond for them. I would recommend checking them out! I'm looking forward to when their pieces go up for sale, my wardrobe is screaming for it!
It was also nice to come across a couple new faces, people from all walks of life rocking some interesting and creative looks. All and all this event was so much fun! These photos don't even scratch the surface with all that was captured yesterday, but I leave you with a glance of what my day was like. :-)
Now, onto the next!

The Details:

White Tee Target Style
Leather Jacket Ross
Pant Nastygal
Hat / Shoes H&M
Backpack by Madden Girl TJ Maxx

Images taken by: Charlie Volkens (aka my boyfriend) <3

Location: Maker City @ The Reef
1933 South Broadway Street Los Angeles, CA 90007

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