Denim on Denim

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring might not be here just yet, but my wardrobe is already welcoming it with open arms. Today I decided to bring out these white denim pants that I got on sale at Zara when they were having their winter sale last year and have literally only worn them once since I've bought them. For months I always wanted to add a pair to my wardrobe, but I think we can all agree - to find that perfect pair of white pants can be extremely hard! There can always be some sort of defect on them, either they don't fit right on your booty, wrong size, too see-through, bad material, etc. It's true what they say, though, good things come when you least expect it, and that's what happened to me when I stepped into a Zara store near my place one day and come across the perfect pair that suited every part of my lower half. I really have no complaints-- except I wish I was a few inches taller so that I don't have to cuff the bottoms, but even so they're great and I love the fit! Zara always has the best jeans, and let's not forget the material is on point, too!

The color white always screams Spring season no matter what! Being that we're so close to getting there I felt like incorporating some of it into my look for today, I love a good casual look when it's done right! So, I figured I would pair it with a men's, yes, men's denim top from H&M, that I took away from my boyfriend since he was at the verge of throwing it away-- Who says girls can't rock men's clothing, too? :-P With that I threw on my low-top Converse sneakers and a simple black hat from H&M, as well. I love the simplicity that comes with dressing up a pair of shoes, especially if they're Converse. Really, you can dress them with anything. Even Kristen Stewart wore a pair of Converse shoes with a dress at one of her movie premieres a couple moons ago, and it didn't look as bad as it sounds (says the grunge-rock lover within me). 

All and all, this look is worth the comfortable and simpleness of it if you just feel like taking it easy for the day.

The Details:

Denim Top / Hat H&M
Black Cami F21
Necklace Independent Company
White Denim Pant Zara
Shoes All Star Converse

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