Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Details:

Bottom-Up / Hat / Shades Urban Outfitters
Backpack by Madden Girl TJ Maxx
Pants Zara
Boots H&M

It's always exciting when I add something new to my wardrobe, recently I walked into a local TJ Maxx (headquarters of some amazing handbags and at affordable prices, too!) at the moment I was actually shopping for my mom since it was her birthday that day, and as I was browsing around, I end up encountering this backpack from Madden Girl, I don't own too many things MG, but I know they can have some cool stuff from time to times that have caught my eye. So, I bought this bad boy and it's seriously been one of my greatest purchases this year, aside from it being so affordable, I love everything about this backpack. To me it's much more comfortable than a typical shoulder or arm bag. I'm those kind of girls that tends to put everything and their life in a bag, from my iPod, make-up, Polaroid camera, cell phone and wallet to even my kindle at times - you can only imagine how overwhelming it can be, and who wants to feel like they're carrying a suitcase half the time? Not me! I've been able to go places with my all of my essentials and not feel like I'm carrying a pile of bricks of my shoulder. I definitely recommend anyone to the backpack wagon. It's totally worth it and not to mention super stylish!

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