A Current Affair Pop-Up

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nastygal - Sophia Amoruso curating ACA with her top vintage picks on display.

The Details:

Top H&M 
Boyfriend Jeans Zara Trafaluc (Vintage Find)
Socks Freepeople 
Boots (Fall '13) Zara Trafaluc
Shoulder Bag H&M
Jewelry F21
Shades Venice Beach

 This past Saturday I had the chance to experience my first pop-up market that took place in Downtown Los Angeles. The event was called A Current Affair Pop-up Marketplace inside the Cooper Design Space Building. I was so excited to see what it was all about, so my gal-pal, Kirby and I hopped in her mini Scion car and drove our little butts all the way to LA. Upon arrival we had to walk a block or so to get to our destination, but once we found it, and once we stepped out of the elevator it was as if we walked into vintage fashion heaven (literally), I couldn't believe all of the beauty that was before my eyes! You can only imagine my internal reaction. So we start our quest and begin borrowing - I came across some of the most gorgeous pieces from classic Chanel, Prada, Gucci, YSL, you name it! Along with other independent fashion brands that blew my mind! 
Total inspiration.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to purchase anything because the prices were a little over my budget at the time, but I was excited that my friend, Kirby bought a stunning beetlejuice-like striped authentic leather jacket and a pair of strappy platform sandals by a brand called - Marni (Marni.com) it also came with colored jewels placed on the back of the shoe. 2 perfect finds! As our vintage journey continued, I kept in mind that the CEO and founder of Nastygal - Sophia Amoruso was going to be curating this event and was going to set up about 10 styled mannequin displays of her current vintage faves and show the rest of the world her masterfully picked pieces. So, of course that made me 10x more stoked in being apart of this experience. The closer I got to her section, wouldn't you know it - it was the GIRLBOSS herself in a stunning long black dress number. I was a little star struck I must admit, a part of me was tempted to go up to her and introduce myself and tell her how much of an inspiration she is me, but my shy side decided to creep out and just didn't have the guts to do it. Besides she had plenty of other ladies coming up to her probably doing the same thing I wanted to do. But, you know what? The fact that I was able to be in her presence and even have eye contact with her was really all I needed, After that, my day was complete and I couldn't of been more pleased.

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