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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Details:

Blouse/Dress H&M
Shoes Urban Outfitters
Hat H&M
Jewelry F21 Bracelet/H&M Necklace
Shades Venice Beach
Socks Vintage Find

So, I know I've been stalling on new posts lately, but I've just been so caught up with work that I barely get the chance to take a photo of my "ootd" nowadays. Sincere apologizes! 
So let's get back into this with this little number here - I bought this blouse about 2 weeks ago at an H&M store near my place, I discovered that a new store just opened up at one of my favorite malls (Fashion Square Mall, Sherman Oaks) and lemme tell you! It's probably the best one I've been to! They have the best selection of clothes at awesome prices (of course!) and I kid you not, the first time I walked into it; I instantly saw about 5 items that I wanted to purchase, it was crazy! If you are ever in the Sherman Oaks area, make sure to stop by and check it out! I wouldn't doubt it if you ended up spending more than $100 bucks on your first visit! Trust me.
This amber blouse you see here caught my eye right away! I'm a sucker for leather, so when I saw the leather sleeve detail and loose style of it, I thought it was too cool of a top to pass up! And at only $35 bucks! I love that it gives you the option to dress it up or down. I know Summer isn't over just yet, but the weather on this particular day seemed the perfect time to wear it! I paired it with a mini wool hat, my UO booties that I never seem to stop wearing, some high socks, and I threw on a few basic accessories. 
All and all this outfit is definitely a fave of mine and was pretty content with it!  

Fashion Square Mall, Sherman Oaks, CA14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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