Santa Monica, CA

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunday afternoon, and what best to do on a Sunday? You hit the beach! Well, technically I didn't go to the beach per se, but I was in the neighborhood! Third Street Promenade was my location for the day. This is always a place I like to visit from time to time, if you're not from these L.A. parts, I definitely recommend to check out - from cute little cafe's to some unknown talented street performers (the normal ones, at least), to a wide range of retail stores all on one strip. My friend and I decided to roam around and discover a side of SM I haven't seen, once you break away from the strip there are tons more business's you can 
 eat in (no matter what you're craving), shopping stores etc.

So, I figured since it was like 90 degrees out, Cali weather is no joke sometimes! I decided to put on this ensemble to match with the weather we were having. I am currently getting into basics, which I don't know why I waited as long as I did to start, any who, a plain white t-shirt like what I am wearing here is the best choice of garment to wear on summer days like now, I love that you can truly mix and match with pretty much anything! These floral shorts I randomly come across to at Forever 21 priced at just under $15 bucks, what a steal! They're a flow-like material and extremely comfortable. A similar look like this I would recommend to anyone.

1351 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Photo Credit: Brenda Becerra

The Details:

Plain White T-Shirt/Shorts F21
Button-Up Top BDG for Urban Outfitters
Lace-up Boots Urban Outfitters
 Socks Urban Outfitters
Shoulder bag H&M
Jewelry Vintage/F21
Shades Venice Beach 
Maybelline Lipstick "Vibrant Mandarin" CVS

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